Resolve your database problems swift and nimble

What I do

This is what makes me proud
Go to MySQL Statsd collector

MySQL Statsd collector

A collector to get statistics from MySQL to Graphite using Statsd. Embraced by the community and in use at large scale environments.

Database and API design

Over 15 years experience in designing databases, APIs and applications for high traffic and scalable websites. Every database or application is designed with scaling and high availability in mind.


Automating daily tasks from provisioning through Puppet till Chatops using Hubot. From schemadumps till schemachange. From making local backups till offsite backup and recovery.


I\’m a skilled search specialist and can implement efficient search results and suggestion solutions using full text search in MySQL, Sphinx Search and Elastic Search


Resolve your database problems swift and nimble
Prevention is better than cure

Within high traffic hosting it is important to eliminate your bottlenecks where possible. One of the major components in your hosting is the database where you store your data and this is, when badly implemented, often the slowest component in the chain. Having an healthy database environment is therefore the most important feature for success in your high traffic hosting environment.

Over 80% of the database performance problems can be prevented by the combination of a proper monitoring system and checking these on a regular basis. Identifying and resolving your bottlenecks up front will enable you to focus on the more important things like growth and revenue of your products.

Mitigating risks will prevent downtime and lost in revenue. But also keep your backups close and your disaster recovery procedures closer. Once you have reached this point you are glad you invested time in the past and shortened the length of your outage.

  • Gathering queries, benchmark your applications, performance metrics, get the most important key performance indicators

  • High availability, banning every single point of failure, predict failures

  • Backups, audits and total cost of ownership

  • Query analysis, able to dive deeply into your hosting stack

Who I am

One of the top MySQL DBAs around

Art van Scheppingen

Freelance Senior Database Administrator
Pragmatic senior systems engineer with MySQL and Database expertise. I have over 15 years experience in web development. I also present my work and projects at various conferences (Percona Live, FOSDEM) and meetups and was conference committee member for Percona Live UK in 2014

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